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Instructions for
Roger Chartier the D J

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508 996-0495
17 Oak St.- New Bedford, Ma. 02740
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Same gender wedding reception or civil union reception.
Every wedding is different, plan yours. 
Please feel free to change and alter any of the introductions or titles. 

Fill out and returned to Roger Chartier no less than 2 weeks before your reception!
I must be prepared.

Is this a formal affair? (tuxedo)_____________________________ Yes    No

Is your wedding ceremony at the reception site? ______________ Yes    No     

Approximately how many guests do you expect?__________        

Who is the photographer__________________________________________

Who is the videographer__________________________________________

Who is the caterer?_____________________________________________

Is Roger introducing the wedding party into the room?  --------Yes    No

If so please list them:

Grandparents of (Title or name)________________________     

Grandparents names________________________________

Grandparents of (Title or name)______________________    

Grandparents names___________________

Parents of (Title or name) __________________________  

Parents names__________________________

Parents of (Title or name)___________________________ 

Parents names___________________________

Flower Girl___________________________ Ring Bearer___________________________

Flower Girl___________________________ Flower Girl____________________________

Please feel free to change the titles to reflect your
preferred way to announce the members of your wedding party.

1 ____________________________(escorted by) -

(accompanied by)_____________________________

2____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

3 ____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

4 ____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

5 ____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

6 ____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

7 ____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

8 ____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

9 ____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

10____________________________(escorted by)

(accompanied by)______________________________

Maid or Matron or Man of Honor (or choose any title)


Best Man or Men or Best Woman (or choose any title)


1st Partners Full Name:_________________________________________________

2nd Partner’s Full Name:________________________________________________

How do you want to be announced?_______________________________________

Are you having a receiving line at the reception?   Yes     No

Would you like to do a 1st dance upon being introduced   Yes    No

Would you like to do a first dance after the cutting of the cake? Yes    No

Blessing?  yes   -    no      By ______________________________

Name of the person giving the toast_________________________ 

Title ______________


Would you like me to announce that during dinner, instead of clinking the glasses
to get the couple to kiss we request that the people from that table 
stand and sing a song with the word "LOVE" in it? ..........  Yes      No  

Will you be giving away the centerpiece?  Yes    No  

If So: Do you want the Disc Jockey to coordinate this?  Yes    No

Would you like to make a game of it by choosing the winner from each table who is 

A   The one whose birthday is nearest the wedding date ------------   Yes    No

B   Passing a dollar around the table and when the music stops the
    last one holding the dollar wins the centerpiece? ------------------- Yes   No 

C  Have them arm wrestle for it ? ... (only kidding)

D  You can place a penny under one plate per table,
    the person who has the penny wins the centerpiece.   Yes   No

E   Your suggestion_______________________________________________


Light Jazz  -  Easy Background  -  Live music - Other___________________

Cutting of the Cake_______________________________________ Yes   No

Cake served for dessert____________________________________ Yes   No

Traditional sing a-long ( Bride cuts the cake)__________________ Yes   No

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You_________________________Yes  No

Some other background music______________________________ Yes   No
Wedding Couple  (First Dance)_____________________________ Yes   No

Your song request ___________________Artist__________________________

Wedding party to join in halfway through the dance_____________ Yes   No

Everyone to join in halfway through the dance_________________  Yes   No

Separate wedding party dance _________________________________Yes  No

Song request __________________________Artist_________________________

Dance with Father or other ________________________________Yes   No

Names of the parties ______________________ & __________________________

Song request _____________________________Artist ________________________

Dance with mother or other_______________________________ Yes   No

Names of parties _________________________ & ___________________________

Song request _______________________Artist_______________________________

Other special dance______________________________________________________

Song request_________________________ Artist______________________________

Songs and Artists that you like to hear_______________________________________



Types of music that you do not want played___________________________________

Removal of the garter ___________________________________Yes   No

Pick your music - Choose one

Traditional music  is "The Stripper" ___________________________ Yes   No

"You sexy thing" by "Hot Chocolate".___________________________ Yes   No


Throwing of the bouquet _____________________________________ Yes   No

Throwing of the garter _______________________________________ Yes   No

Snowball Dance___________ Yes   No

Wedding couple get on the dance floor for a slow dance and dance for 15 seconds
then dj announces to get new partners.
They go to the audience and choose new partners and then the 4 dance for 20 seconds. 
Dj announces for all to get new partners and the 4 go and get new partners.
This goes on repeatedly until the floor is full

Other Events____________________________________________________________


Dollar Dance ________________________________________________Yes  No

We ask the best persons to accept the cash as people approach the wedding couple to dance. 
See the "Party Planner" on this website to get ideas for a more uproarious reception.

Last Dance _________________________________________________  Yes   No

Song request _________________________Artist__________________

Will the wedding couple be changing before the last dance?  Yes    No
Love Circle (Circle around the wedding couple during the last dance)_.............Yes     No
Changes in order of events__________________________________________________


Notes to the D.J.__________________________________________________________



Wedding Couple’s future Phone___(_______ )________________________________

Future mailing address______________________________________________________ 

ROGER CHARTIER.  17 Oak St. New Bedford, Ma. 02740 
508 996-0495

Keep it until about two weeks before the wedding so that you
can make changes to your plan,  but please return it

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