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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I get a price for a function?
A. Sure for starters go to my Price List Page then if you don't see the info that you need give me a call 508 996-0495 or an e-mail
Q. How long have you been doing this and do you have experience?
A. I have been a full time entertainer as a professional musician since 1966 when I was quite young.

In 1985 I began my disc jockey business and have worked about a thousand weddings, and many, many parties as well as nightclubs. I am also still a working musician/singer on a nearly daily basis, so I am very comfortable with an audience and dealing with any number of people in a group.

I am very comfortable with the microphone for announcements etc.

Q. And your clothes/apparel?
A. Unlike the many amateur dj's, I as a professional own my own tuxedo for formal functions like weddings and upscale functions. For parties where the audience is informal I'm usually in dress pants, shirt and tie or maybe no tie if it's less formal.


Q. What about your equipment?
A.  I use digital music system and bring a backup system for the actual songs/music. I use 2 professional JBL EON G2 400 watt speakers for the primary setup.

Each speaker that I use has it's own amplifier. This is a good way to insure a backup in case of disaster.(I haven't had one yet) Essentially I am prepared with 2 separate systems at an event. I have both wired and wireless microphones.

If needed I also have 4 more speakers with separate amplifiers for very large venues or very large outdoor events.

Q.Do you always use a contract?
A. Yes I always use a contract so that you and I are protected as far as understanding our commitments concerning times and money etc. A contract is important for a "purchaser" of services so that they can be sure that they have a disc jockey who will not take a better paying job thereby leaving you in a pickle on the day of the event.

Q. Do you have meetings with your clients?
A. I have phone meetings with them so that they can rest assured that I understand them, and also use e-mail for some details. This method is very efficient and saves us from getting all dressed up for a meeting.

After having people postpone meetings for more convenient times I realized that it is much more convenient for all parties to use the phone and e-mail. More importantly this site has a very good wedding planner as well as a party planner, that they fill out, at their leisure and can work on it online 24 hours a day if they like.

When they are done deciding on all the details, song requests etc., then they can press the submit button or use the printable planner and mail via

U.S. Postal Service. I go over the details of this info carefully in advance so that there are no last minute problems.

I like to get the planners 2 weeks before a function so that I have time to prepare and so that the purchaser has plenty of lead time to make decisions. I care that the purchaser feels understood about what is important to them and what they can expect.

These planners are important for me to have the information that I need to make your event a success.
This method has always been a very good way to do the pre-planning. Actually many of the first questions one may ask are answered here on this F.A.Q. page

Q Do you use fill in DJ's?
A. No. I book myself as the DJ and I do the job myself. I am not doing the bait and switch by sub-contracting to amateurs as some others are.

In the event that some disastrous unforeseen situation would arise, only then would I call another DJ. The additional cost would not be your problem. This has happened only once in 23 years.

In general I wouldn't trust anyone else to represent my business. See the contract for details.
Q. Song requests?
A. Great idea. It feels so good as a DJ to play a good dance request where the guest is happy and the crowd dances.

The audience often has good requests. I also have to use my own judgment as far as guests asking for vulgar or inappropriate songs is concerned.

I have gotten requests from adamant guests that would be absolutely the wrong music to play and therefore I can't play it, such as heavy rap during dinner and heavy metal where the crowd is older.

Can I submit a do not play list?
A. Yes, I actually have a place for that on my planners. I want you to be happy.


Q.Teen Parties?
A. Yes, but they must have chaperones if it's not a family event.

Q. Do we pay for setup time?
A. No! I like to arrive early enough for set up so that I don't feel rushed. The music is already playing at start time.

I always strive to keep my business professional and offer top notch service. Entertainment is how I make a living.
It would not be in my best interest to do anything that would make a customer unhappy.
I have succeeded all these years mostly by word of mouth referrals from happy clients and guests..       508 996-0495

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