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Common Wedding Reception Events

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The guests arrive...

Cocktail Music  
Guests arrive and the music is playing but not too loud because some people haven't seen each other for a while and have a lot to say. People are meeting people and the music sets the atmosphere  Depending on the crowd, it is either popular music, light jazz, classics or classical music.

Bride and Groom Arrive 
The bride and groom were possibly out with the photographer or going for the limo ride to allow time for the guests to arrive before them. Tah! Dah! The bride and groom arrive and I greet the bride and groom.  Depending on the situation either the host of the function hall or I will introduce the wedding party.  In some banquet facilities the function host always introduces the wedding party so we coordinate the introduction duties, i.e.. background music, etc. In every other case I introduce and coordinate those events.

Bridal Party Introductions 
The wedding planner that I have provided as "Instructions to the DJ", was filled out earlier by the Bride And Groom and  returned to me. It has the names and order of introduction for everyone in the wedding party. Earlier I noted whether or not it was decided either to have a receiving line or have the party go to the head table.

Receiving Line 
The receiving line can also be done earlier at the place where the ceremony occurred.
If not, the bride, groom and both sets of parents line up to greet the guests passing through the line. This is a good time to thank everyone for coming on your great day.

Once every one is at their seats the D j introduces the person who was chosen to say the blessing. That person is offered the use of the microphone. 

Most often the best man does the toast. I like to make sure that the champagne or wine glasses are filled, then I introduce the best man, or person doing the toast. He is offered the microphone. 

During dinner I play music that is a bit easier on the ears than the slightly more upbeat cocktail music. People want to talk across the table and be heard, so I carefully balance the sound for the room. I use light jazz, classical, mellow standards, or whatever else is deemed appropriate.

Cutting of the Cake 
Right after dinner we coordinate your cake cutting with your photographer and play the music that you had chosen ( your wedding planner). We may ask your bridal party and your guests to come up to witness the event and snap a few candid photos of their own. The cake is cut and the bride and groom feed each other and kiss. The cake is whisked away by the caterers and cut into pieces to be served.

The First Dance 
The bride and groom are announced to the dance floor and the song that they have previously chosen is played. The bride and groom may have opted to have the wedding party join in halfway through the first dance.

The Bride And Her Father Dance 
A special song was chosen in advance.  Her father is invited to join her on the dance floor. Occasionally the bride has chosen someone who is not her father, for whatever reason that is perfectly O K as well.

The Groom And His Mother 
The groom awaits his mother who is invited to join her son. Again, the song was chosen in advance. As in the case of the bride and an alternative to her father, the groom may have chosen some one else for this dance.

Wedding Party Dance 
The bride and groom may have chosen to have a wedding party dance halfway through the first dance with the bride and groom or maybe at this time. I'll enthusiastically invite the entire wedding party to come onto the dance floor then play the song that was chosen.

It's Party Time Let's Dance 
The goal at this time is to fill the dance floor with enthusiastic dancers. People are often shy about getting up to start so I try to make sure the lighting is lowered and my first music selections are infectious.  I take dance music requests, usually asking those requesting a song if they will dance during the song themselves, hint, hint.

The Garter and Bouquet 
This is the time when the dancing stops and I invite the bride and groom up to the middle of the dance floor At this time the photographer might ask for posed shots, then we ask the bride to sit on a chair and play the previously chosen music while the groom removes the garter.
I invite all of the unmarried men over the age of 16 to come up to one side of the dance floor. With his back turned to the group of men and on the count of three the groom tosses the garter to the eager men who catch the prize. 
Next the bride takes her tossing bouquet in hand as I invite all of the single ladies over 16 to come up to catch the bouquet. On the count of three with her back turned away from the group of ladies she tosses the bouquet to the eager gals.
The lady who caught the bouquet is invited to sit in the chair provided for her on the dance floor. The man who caught the garter puts it on her leg, again to the accompaniment of the music previously chosen. The crowd always finds this event very amusing. Fun for all! 

More Dancing
work to keep as many people involved on the dance floor as possible with a mix of music. Dance requests and dedications fill the much of the remainder of the reception. The crowd is different at every wedding and it is a job to tailor the music selections to be effective. 

Last Dance and Love Circle
The bride and groom have previously chosen the special song for the last dance. If they planned to have a love circle, I will invite everyone to form a circle of love and friendship around the bride and groom. It always makes for a memorable farewell. 

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