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Roger Chartier's extended family pics and photo album from the 1800's to today   
These pictures are scanned at 100 dpi and most have a size of 8" on the longest edge. However!!!
I also have 600 DPI file sized copies of each picture in case any family member needs to make a large print.
If anyone has any more information to add about the pictures such as dates, locations or peoples names etc. please send the info to me at
Normand Chartier and Marcelle (Audette) Chartier late 1940's Fort Phoenix
Normand And Marcelle Chartier - wedding party 1
Marcelle (Audette) Chartier seated in her wedding dress
Normand And Marcelle Chartier wedding party 2
Normand And Marcelle Chartier wedding with her family 1
Normand and Marcelle Cut the wedding cake June 5, 1948
Marcelle (Audette) Chartier and bridesmaids June 5, 1948
Normand Chartier - Late 1940's
Normand Chartier St George Award - Standard Times June 9, 1965
Normand Chartier and Marcelle(Audette) Chartier as Gypsies - late 1940's
Audena Audette with Alice and Dolores at the home on Main St Acushnet, Ma.
Audette family homestead Main St  Acushnet Ma., early 1900's?
Roger Chartier with one of his guitars - 2007
Roger Chartier and his memere - Antoinette(Godbout) Audette- summer 1951
Roger Chartier and his mother - Marcelle (Audette) Chartier - summer 1951
Guy Coulombe
Guy Coulombe 2
Guy and Pat Coulombe
Eugene L'Etoile
Lucille L'Etoile, Fleurette Kitchens, Marcelle Chartier late 1960's - early 1970's
Wayne and Mark L'Etoile nephews of Eugene L'Etoile - 1963
Armand And Rita L'Etoile
Normand & Marcelle Chartier April 24, 2008 - Newport R.I.
Marcelle Chartier - Doris and Paul Audette & more
Lucille Bergeron
Ingrid Bergeron
Dolores Audette with Pat and Guy Coulombe and Adeline and Joe Bergeron
Audena Audette - Adeline and her daughter Lucille Bergeron
Joe Bergeron with Alice and Dolores Audette October 27, 1916 Westport, Ma.
June 1917 at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven 7 girls and guy sin the background
Dolores (audette) Coulombe and Adeline(audette) Bergeron Double Wedding
Alice and Dolores - Cuttyhunk Island - August 15, 1917
Fleurette Coulombe and Lucille Bergeron
Fleurette's kids
Imelda Audette Marries Wilfred Savoie
Albert And Donat Audette
Albert Levi Audette
Albert Audette and group
Albert Audette WW 1 France 1
Albert Audette with Alice and Andrew Sirois and others
391 Summer St - Andre and Alice Sirois' home Normand & Marcelle Chartier brief
Alice (Audette) Sirois
Alice Audette - Hat Store 1
Alice Audette - Hat Store 2
Alice Audette 1
Alice Audette when she was young
Alice (Audette) Sirois
Alice (Audette) Sirois' wedding party
Alice (Audette) Sirois - bride's maids
Alice Imelda Dolores and Donat 1
Alice (Audette) Sirois and Andrew Sirois Camping 1
Alice and Andrew Sirois Wedding Sacred Heart Church
Alice (Audette) Sirois and Andrew Sirois in Sacred Heart Church - New Bedford
Alice (Audette) Sirois in a forest (Abner Pond?)
Alice (Audette) Sirois in a costume
Alice (Audette) Sirois setting up a party table! Some yummy goodies!
Alice (Audette) and Andrew Sirois at home
Alice (Audette) and Andrew Sirois - 50th wedding aniv.
Alice And Adeline Westport October 29, 1916
Audette Family Group Picture 1
Bernard Audette
Damien and Audena Audette Late 1800's
Audena (Nadeau) Audette 1
Audena (Nadeau) Audette 2
Audena (Nadeau) Audette 3
Dolores Audette
Dolores Audette 2
Dolores Inman - Alice Sirois, Adeline Bergeron 1953
Imelda, Romeo, Memere Audena and baby Madeline
Roland Audette (1)
Roland Audette (2)
Normand Bergeron High School Graduation
Romeo Savoie
Romeo Savoie( as a child) in an interesting anitique toy car
Madeline Savoie wedding anouncement
Donat and Adeline in a group at Fort Phoenix - app 1917
Donat Audette 1
Donat in cowboy costume
Donat Audette and wife Lauretta
Albert Audette, Adeline Audette, Donat Audette
Imelda (Audette) Savoie with a car
Antoinette Godbout and others
Adeline Audette, Donat Audette and Albert Audette app 1917
Adeline in an Indian costume
Adeline Audette and Joe Bergeron Wedding Picture
Rhea and Leo And Pauline Vailancourt
Girls At Acushnet Park September 17, 1916
Mystery Girl 1 - could it be?????
Fleurette Coulombe and Normand Bergeron
Normand Audette - Wedding picture standard Times
Normand Audette Coast Guard - Alameda, California, 1951
Andre Sirois, Albert Audette and Normand Audette
Jean Paul and Doris (Harrison) Audette wedding pic 1
Doris (Harrison) Audette in her wedding dress
Jean Paul Audette and Doris (Harrison) Audette wedding pic 2
Jean Paul Audette and Doris (Harrison) Audette wedding pic 3
Jean Paul Audette and Doris ( Harrison) Audette wedding pic 4
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China 1 Photo Album -
These are pictures from 2001 in Shanghai and trips to Shouzou and Wuxi and Hangzhou