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Here are some photos of the tribute to George Harrison in 2005.

We had a good time!

Some of the folks are ...
Roger Chartier
(red shirt and sneakers)

Leo Dumas on drums,
Ron Manzone,
Louis Leeman, and etc.

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Roger Chartier at George Harrison tribut 1 Roger Chartier at the George Harrison tribute The famous Roger Chartier at the George Harison tribute2
The world renown Leo Dumas performing for us The infamous Ron Manzone singsat the 05 Harrison tribute Louis Leeman rocks the House George harrison tribute 05
JAy Silva thundering bass man George Hearrison tribute 05 1 Percussion anyone George Harrison tribute 05 1
Great Vocals and music WOW!!! ghtrib 05 Dave Moniz and his babe dance their butts off gh tribute 05 1
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