My neice’s wedding in Shanghai

My niece Zhou Yi  got married in Shanghai on June 18, 2011.

The Chinese customs are a bit different from Western styles.

Ten years ago it was more common to wear older older style traditional wedding dresses. Some went with modern western styles.

Now western style clothes are more the norm but not western customs.

As an example she wore 4 different dresses and pairs of shoes. during the one day of festivities.

There are a ton of photo opportunities for a wedding photographer and those who can afford it pay big bucks for the pics taken during the day but the photographer is working a lot harder than a typical western wedding.

This white wedding dress cost more money than I would want to spend but it was “her ” day and although her parents and his are not wealthy they did have a fantastic wedding reception.

I get a kick out of the “70’s style tuxedo.

It’s pretty cheesy by western standards but they haven’t caught up to our styles or should I say they haven’t adopted out newer styles.

There are customs like having tea at the brides parent’s house before the reception and setting off fireworks in front of the door to the house to announce to the neighbors  that a wedding party is taking place.

Although they could have been legally married months ago it is socially unacceptable to live together until after the day of the ceremonies and reception.

He has changed his suit in this photo.

The reception venue and the food was over the top by some standards.

Since most people who have children who are in their early twenties were only allowed to have one child there is only one wedding to help pay for.

Here she has a blue dress.
Every one of her dresses were custom fitted and made with top quality materials.

This candle lighting ceremony is similar to some candle lighting ceremonies performed in western cultures but with an Eastern touch.

More to come about China and Chinese customs, people and places.