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This is a difficult thing to present in a short article
but here are some instructions

A fundamental  thing in most salsa dance styles is to:

Step quick-quick-slow over the 4 beat measure.

Usually the quick steps are on beats one and two,

The slow step is actually a quick on beat three

with a pause on beat four.

You step left-right-left-pause then right-left-right-pause.

Some exceptions are different styles such as

New York style, (starts on one and breaks on two)

Columbian style, Mambo, Power On2 styles,

begin the first three steps on beat 2.

Cuban styles, can start on any count.

These turns are used in almost all salsa dances.

Outside Turn (Underarm Turn) – similar to the

"arch turn" in swing and many other dances,

follower turns clockwise

Inside Turn – follower turns counterclockwise (to

her left)

Spot turn, either, or often both, partners turn

360° remaining in the same spot

An extension is where partners break in opposing

directions so that their arms are totally outstretched.  

This can lead into a spot turn or an in and out

In and out or "Copa"

A cross-hand hold left over right, the lead dancer

makes an extension,then pulls the woman in with the

right hand while leading

the left hand over her head to the other side of her,

causing her to turn half way around to her left.

The follower is then pushed back out, and will do at

least another half left turn to return her to facing the lead.

The windmill
, is a kind of lead for a turn where rather

than leading the turn from above the follower's head,

the leader loops the arm widely up and down, so that

the movement appears more vertical than horizontal.

With the cross body lead the follower is led to opposite side of lead,

so they swap positions counter clockwise

There is a reverse cross body lead

It's the same as the regular cross body lead except

the couple changes positions clockwise.

The basket is a kind of extension where the leader is

behind the follower and holds the follower's arms

wrapped around her shoulders while she breaks

forward and then the leader breaks backwards.

Personally, I just like to watch!