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Print a free W9 Form here.

I use the website for a lot of info concerning these forms.

The W9 form is free there, and that is a good deal! It will be helpful for those who need to submit a W9 or need someone to submit one to them.

The W9 form is used for several things, but let me tell you about how I have found it used quite often.
Here is the spot for the Instructions for the Requester of Form W9

A person running a senior facility has to hire someone to do a job for them such as entertainment or some such thing. The hired person performs about 10 times in a year for $100 for the hour.

The person who pays this money out to the entertainer wants a tax deduction for the expense.

So he asks the hired person to fill out the W9 form and after the year finishes he will send him/her a 1099 form with the amount paid for the year and send one to the IRS as well when he files taxes.

The W9 form has to get all of the contact info such as whether they are  a sole proprietor, name, address, TIN (taxpayer Identification Number) or Social-Security number and the date on it.

Some times more info is needed but not in this case.

 The W9 is used for several purposes, and you can read the instructions on pages 2, 3 and 4 of the form. Only page 1 is filled out and submitted.

 For the foreigners there is a W8Ben Form.
There are Instructions for the W8.

For students and borrowers there is the W9s form.

 For the Spanish language there is the W9Sp form.
Have a good day!

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