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Hui-Ling and her ( her son's ) Dog

Hui-Ling Chen - dog

These are pictures from Shanghai of
Hui-Ling Chen and her and her son's dog Nono.



Now the hilarious thing here is that Hui-Ling Chen upon being

confronted by a 10 pound dog would climb

up on my back for protection from it.
Hui-Ling Chen Dog Nono

She was terrified thinking that the dog was the

same as a wild tiger and very well might try to eat her.

Living in China until she was in her 40's no one

kept a dog as a pet so she never had any chance

to realize what dogs were all about.

When her son Meng Jun wanted a dog early this

year (2011 )she told him he could have a dog

if he quit smoking.

He is in his mid 20's but always had no choice but to listen to his

dear mother.

Hui-Ling Chen and dog Nono Shanghai China - www.RogerChartier.comHui-Ling lives both in Shanghai, China and in our

home in New Bedford, Ma. USA.

Meng Jun lives there all of the time but when she

is there she rules the roost as they say.

They are learning how to house train the dog.

Dog Nono - Shanghai, China -





They spend the time and money to take the dog

to a vet and a dog grooming place for a bath etc.

This was unheard of in China 10 years ago.

People did not have pets. Hui-Ling's other sister Hui-Fen has had cats for the past few years.

Nono the Dog in Shanghai, China -

Hui-Ling has a sister called Hui-Ping and she has 2 dogs.

One is a Chihuahua and the other a mongrel.

Hui-Ping gave them English names - Lucky and Money.

This is a relatively new thing to keep a

dog for a pet in the city.


Contrary to popular belief people in China don't make it a habit of eating dogs.

In my travels in China I never saw a shortage of food.

Some may not have jobs or good jobs but there is no shortage of healthy food.

No-one in her family ever ate a dog or dog meat, and they don't eat cats either.

Some people in the country-side might but it is much rarer than legend has it.

Besides who could eat that cute little thing?